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Always try to be the superhero version of yourself

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So here it is so VERY MANY months since I last posted. Wow September. — 6 months. Geesh. OK I am not beating on myself for that. It is what it is. There have been many things in my life since then. Open Studios — Christmas — lots of art and family and music.

Now today is my BIRTHDAY! I am commencing my sixty third year. I am celebrating by staying home and trying to get a few things done. I was feeling awful when I got up so I decided to take the day off. I am happy that I am feeling better. I have been for a lovely walk in the sunshine. The snow and ice is melting and it is really nice out.

I am thinking of today as the start of a new year. A good time to reflect and think about the past years accomplishments and where I am heading now. I really did rather well art wise. I completed a major work and the grand opening was in June. I was chosen to decorate a piano for street Pianos and then my piano was chosen to be put at the Prudential center. There are posts about that.In the fall I was busy with preparing for Open Studios and singing in choirs. We did the Durufle´Requiem with a 16 piece orchestra that was super fun though a lot of work. I have had some success with selling my art. Today a print arrived that I had ordered for a client who had asked for this image that was on a card and she wanted it 30″x30″. I was able to find the image and render it large.  

I am endeavoring to clear the excess stuff out of my studio so that it will become more useable. This is very hard work since I have been collecting for so many years. I hope to have a sale in a few weeks to sell/give away as much as I can to my neighbors and friends and then find a charity.  I have an embarrassing amount of fabric that just does not make sense. What was I thinking? Getting rid of the stuff will I hope free me up to do some of the creating I want to do.

I enjoy that space even though it is a mess anyway as I come here and work on this and that. I am still writing every morning and I sort of meditate every day. Somedays a bit more than others, I am do a little study of spanish with a silly app. 10 minutes or so a day. Someday I want to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I got kind of distracted by the idea for a while this year and I think about it now and then but the main part that is still a constant is learning some Spanish. I will get there someday.

Life is good. I am good!