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Dyeing and the Art of Resist

I am registered for this class but there are not enough people registered.  Are you possibly interested?  I am offering  a half scholarship ($117) towards the registration to help a friend attend the class if we can find the 2 more people we need by Monday or Tuesday.



Dyeing and the Art of Resist     Aug 8 – Aug 10    Fri,Sat,Sun[-]

Course ID: NC277

Instructor: Susan McNeil

Course Description:

We will go over several traditional and non-traditional resist techniques including Japanese Shibori stitch resist, folding and clamping, as well as pole wrapping etc. Using basic procedures involved in low immersion dyeing, direct application, and over-dyeing on cotton, students will play with several of these techniques to achieve various exciting visual textures on their dyed fabrics. Each student will leave with a collection of hand dyed samples, Each piece will be unique. Dyes that will be used are Procion MX fiber reactive (cold-water) dyes. These dyes are used with cellulose fibers, and we will be using cotton.

Students need to bring:


Needle and thread (a strong white polyester thread or even dental floss)

A 3” three ring binder

Pen and paper for note taking

An apron (or old clothes)

Rubber gloves

Spray bottle

Protective eye wear (glasses, goggles)

Cutting matt 17”x24” (not much smaller than that)

Rubber bands

String (white and different sizes)

Glass Marbles

You may bring additional cloth from home to use. Cloth must be washed in a hot wash to remove any starches or sizing and should be 100% cotton, rayon, bamboo, or linen for best results.

Wood shapes for clamping 2 of each (circles, squares, triangles?)

C-clamps small and medium

Instructor Bio:

Susan McNeil is the studio manager for the Fibers Department at MassArt. She works in many mediums but her main focus is textile design: felting, weaving, and quilting. She is interested in texture, pattern, color, and the art of everyday functional objects and how they enhance and bring beauty into our lives. She has a BFA in painting and fibers from MassArt.

Schedule: Aug 8 – Aug 10 | Fri,Sat,Sun | North-375 | 0 Credits

Details: Fri, Aug 8th, 12pm-6pm; Sat and Sun, 9:30am – 5pm.

Prices: Workshop $235.

via MassArt Continuing Education – Summer 2014 Catalog.