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Way too long

So I have been ever so busy though that is normal. Apo7Xw-151014-1 I did another wedding which went well and was much simpler.  I am really trying to get life together and I think I am winning.  Bill is having a birthday and we are having a big party.  Then there is Brickbottom Open Studios.  This is a wonderful and very stressful thing.  🙂  I will be so busy until Christmas.  I am really looking forward to getting my studio in good order.

I have been meditating everyday and that makes me happy.  I also manage to do the morning pages most everyday though when I sleep a bit late that is what suffers.

This fractal I love.  I am having fun with them.  My plan is to thread my loom for BBOS so I can weave while I am hanging out in my studio.

I will try to be better about putting something here more often.

See you soon.